The Time Machine

This story had many similarities to the movie The Time Machine (2002). After I looked into it, the movie was based off of the book. The Time Traveler written from H.G. Wells did not build the machine to go back in time to save his fiancé, but to go forward and see how civilization has changed. When he arrives in the future, he realizes that society has not advanced, but returned to a very primitive state. He finds two species of the human race, one above which are smaller, vegetarians, and simple. The other lives unground and have adapted so they can no longer live above ground, see in the dark and are cannibals. He notes that although the underground race were probably the poorer part of society forced to work down there for the benefit of the wealthier (above ground people), they have become the stronger of the two races. Although he faces struggles in his journey, when he returns home, he is unsatisfied, and returns to the unknown in his time machine.

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