The Scariest Story I’ve Ever Read

Of all of the dystopian futures, the scariest is the one that is most likely to happen. In The Collapse of Western Civilization, the end of our current civilizations seems all too realistic. Setting the story in the year 2393, we learn of the collapse of western civilization told by a Chinese academic. The collapse has occurred due to global warming, pollution, and the ignorance of mankind. The academic addresses the fact that the West understood the damage they were committing but never made the correct moves to address it such as China did. It is unfortunate how realistic this retelling actually feels. The sentiment that the West is in denial about climate change is so ripe and apparent in reality today. Most Americans understand that climate change is here and affecting us, but still refuse to give it the attention and urgency it deserves.
While the book is captivating in its realistic view of the future, there is little substance besides history being retold by an outsider’s perspective. There is no story to stretch this out to a wider audience than people actually interested in the subject. It is unfortunate that a wider audience will not see this because the scientific language used to explain what has occurred to cause this nightmare is well explained and simple enough for the average reader to understand. The worst part is that the setting, time period, and demise of society are beautifully put together. A story set in this world would have been extremely captivating and gave more to the cause of actually examining today’s issues that could cause this type of future than only a recounting of the imaginary history did. The interviews at the end of the book gave more of an emotional connection to a rather dry read, but regardless this was an informative tale that should be read by any climate fiction fan.

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