The Importance of Butterflies

The title, Flight Behavior, says it all. On the most basic level, Barbara Kingsolver does an excellent job of illustrating how much nature as a whole ties into climate change. Kingsolver illustrates how the flight patterns of Monarch butterflies point to extreme climate changes. This in itself shows how important something as minute and gentle as a butterfly can be to nature. In Flight Behavior, Kingsolver examines a community in Tennessee that has been ruined by a crippled economy and devastating weather patterns. This is another signature illustration that we have all seen in almost every single one of our climate change novels and articles. However, the notion of a crippled economy is something that probably would happen in worst case apocalyptic scenarios. Kingsolver also examines the notion of faith and how it affects individuals in society. When Dellarobia sees the magnificent mixture of orange across the landscape, she immediately thinks it’s a sign from above because of her religious roots. In apocalyptic scenarios and society, religious hysteria about events is something that would without a doubt occur. Individuals from all walks of life all have different faiths and connections with those faiths. Having a faith, no matter what it is, would affect how individuals perceive events. I believe Kingsolver attempts to illustrate this notion by including religious aspects and hysteria in the novel. All in all, Flight Behavior is a great read because it revolves around many scientific facts and aspects especially those relating to Monarch butterflies and their flight patterns that most individuals are unaware or ignorant of.

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