The Earth will always Abide

I found the Earth Abides and the themes it revolves around to be very interesting. I also discovered that many of the themes George R. Stewart discusses in the book deal with a number of different aspects that are evident in society today. The first and most prominent theme Stewart writes about is the notion that mankind isn’t something that can or will last forever. In fact, death is something that is prominent throughout society on a number of different levels but Stewart discusses death on a larger scale. Stewart discusses death in terms of mankind as a whole. The most specific example that relates to this idea is Stewart’s quote that states, “Men go and come, but earth abides.” The earth will always be there and will have an impact on us but the same does not go for mankind. In terms of today’s society, the notion of death that Stewart elaborates on is something that has been prominent throughout the past, the present and until we can start playing god, the future as well. Everyone knows that death, unfortunately, is always waiting on our doorstep and no matter what happens to us the earth will still be there. Another prominent theme I found particularly entertaining was how Stewart related the understanding of society between the younger and older generations. The younger generations, knowing how the natural world works, come to the aid of the older generation who lack the proper knowledge or hands on experience on the subject. A comparison to this in today’s terms would be how young children can help their parents or even grandparents work a smart phone or computer. One last detail Stewart included was the hammer and how the younger generation treats it as an antique. No matter where one is in society, the older generation will always place significance in objects and this therefore transcends to the younger generation most of the time.

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