Save the Planet!!

Reading Climate Changed was more like reading a very well thought out wake-up call than a 400+ page graphic novel. All the information, and there is a LOT of information, is presented in an entertaining and simple way, making it easy to read for teenagers and adults alike. On top of the information, the author, Philippe Squarzoni, includes personal details from his life that are relevant to how he created the idea for the book and the book itself. He also includes his wife, Camille, and her part in helping him further develop this graphic novel. An important thing to mention about this book is that he uses a lot of expert testimony which makes him seem very credible therefore making his writing incredibly effective. If the entire book were based off of Squarzoni’s opinions and what he knows about climate change (which at the beginning of the graphic novel, he repeatedly states that he really doesn’t know anything about it), we as the readers would probably less engaged in the book and more prone to question whether or not what he was saying was true. This is one of the big reasons why I enjoyed this graphic novel so much. Not only does the use of expert testimony qualify Squarzoni’s points, it switches it up for a couple pages so that we aren’t just reading one person go on and on about climate change for 467 pages. Another reason I liked the book was because it kind of scared me a little. It made me think about what would happen if we were to exceed the amount of emissions that the planet could handle, something I’d never even considered thinking about before. Overall, I really enjoyed this graphic novel. However, I did find it ironic that with all the talk of changing our lifestyle to save the planet from the various experts and Squarzoni himself, he still published this almost 500 page graphic novel for however many copies it sold, probably killing an enormous amount of trees in the process. At least he acknowledges in the book several times that we’re all hypocrites when it comes to small stuff like that. For example, using too much paper or taking a plane ride. Hopefully in the near future, we figure out a way to reduce these harmful emissions without having to completely alter our daily lives.

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