Philippe Squarzoni’s Personal Journey through Climate Change

This was my first comic book that I read to completion. This story definitely made me feel like I was with him in his journey of writing the story. We were able to see his inspiration, research, uncertainty as well as certainty, and how it affects reality. The book reminds me of the class I took last semester called “The Environment”, it was about the environment and the 2 way relationship humans have with it.

The main focus Philippe Squarzoni was determined to push, is that the environmental problem is invertible crisis based on the path we are on. He strongly emphasized that the mentality “the choices I as an individual make, won’t make a difference” and this will lead to our destruction of the earth. However he doesn’t ignore that part of the cycle would happen regardless of human interference. Through his character, he shows us that sacrifices must be made to preserve (reduce the damages we create on) the earth.

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