Not The Future I Expected

I found H.G Wells’ Time Machine very interesting. I thought it was a unique take on the future and what is to become of the Earth. I feel like most portrayals of the distant future include a world covered in chrome and technology so advanced that it surpasses human intelligence. Going into the book I didn’t really have any previous knowledge of what it was about. I’ll admit, I kind of expected the typical humans vs. machine story, but that was not what I got.

The story focuses on the character The Time Traveler and his story of his journey through time. He tells them of a world that has completely transformed from their own. He explains that the world now consists of two different races. The first is the Eloi, a childlike and carefree race. The Time Traveler spends most of his time in the future with these childlike creatures. They live a simple life of frolicking in the sun and spending the day doing nothing and The Time Traveler is at first confused by their lack of intelligence. The other race are the Morlocks, ape-like creature that live underground in the dark. The Time Traveler discovers that these creature are responsible for the only running machinery of that time. Throughout his trip to the future, he begins to theorize what has turned the world into what he sees it as.

After reading the book I find it difficult to believe that is what the human species would evolve into. Both of these species lack any sort of intelligence and are basically wild animals and children. I think I find it difficult thinking that we would lose all advancement that we have made. I also think that this may be because I am used to most portrayals of the future race being highly intelligent with super advanced technology. I do, however, think that the Earth having a consistent warm climate is not unlikely. Looking at our own history, we can see that the temperature has increased, so looking ahead to the year 802,701 AD this seems like a probable conclusion.

Overall I thought that it was an interesting book that I would recommend reading. It is a different take on the future and what happens to the human race.

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