Man v. Everything

After reading Hurricane Fever and looking at some of the posts from my fellow classmates, I found I could relate the most to James’s post. Hurricane Fever was by far my favorite book simply because it focused on other themes separate from climate change while also coinciding with climate change. By developing a story that revolved around Roo, an ex spy, Tobias Buckell, was able to focus on not only man v. nature as is such with the constant hurricanes in the Caribbean but also man v man. Man v. Man in a sense that the story follows Roo as he tries to unravel the mystery of why his friend was killed. This also allowed the reader to get an insight into a number of issues coinciding with the human condition. What I mean by this, is how certain events have a strong influence on us as people and affect the way we act and live our lives. For Roo, he is influenced by the death of his friend and how he must discover what actually happened. Out of all the books we’ve covered, I think this one would do the best as a film because climate change is not the primary issue but rather a minor issue that affects how the story unfolds. Basically, climate change and more specifically the hurricanes stand as an obstacle for Roo and others throughout the novel. I’m actually surprised something like this hasn’t already been produced as a cinematic feature but I hope to see the likes of it in the future.

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