Living in the Moment

I enjoyed reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. It provided an optimistic perspective of how people should view life and more specifically, time. The time traveler explains his theory of time by stating that space has three dimensions: length, breadth and thickness and that time is just a form of space. He continues to say, “There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our conscious moves along it.” In other words, he is trying to convey that we as humans have control over time based on the perspective we choose to hold. The time traveler also presents this idea that time moves fast for most people because, “We are always getting away from the present moment.” I can personally relate to this concept of not living in the present and I think many people can. Often times in life we get so preoccupied thinking forward or in the past that we forget to appreciate what we are going though in that moment. Although it is fiction that people can control the speed of time, it is true that time can appear to go fast or slow depending on a person’s perspective in a particular moment. Therefore, I liked the message that H.G. Wells was trying to send to his reader regarding perspective. H.G. Wells also provided an interesting representation of the future. As the time traveler is going through the future he comes in contact with humanlike creatures. H.G. Wells is making a claim that in our future we will be dehumanized due to the problems that exist in our society, such as our dependence on technology. As a reader, I was left feeling unsettled and confused about this representation of our future. I believe that H.G. Wells was trying to warn his audience that our future is in danger due to the poor decisions that we are making in the present.


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