I’m A Little Worried Now

Overall though I thought that this book was EXTREMELY successful in educating the reader about climate change in the medium of the graphic novel. The book is a quick read, I finished in about 4 hours. I definitely recommend it to someone who is interested in learning a little about climate change.

Philippe Squarzoni’s book Climate Changes: A personal Journey Through the Science left me slightly depressed. It left me questioning my own life and made me take an honest glance at my future. The book does a wonderful job at taking you through the facts about climate change that isn’t overwhelming. It presents the information in a fun way as a graphic novel. I really enjoyed reading this book and what I am taking away from it.


After reading this book I took a step back and really thought about why this book made me feel as bad as it did. It is quiet scary to think about the fact that in only 15 years from now it will be 2030. The fear becomes so much more real knowing that climate change is set to happen in my very near future. It is even more frustrating knowing that the world really isn’t taking this seriously. I feel like the world is slowly inching its way towards that direction, when we need to be sprinting there.

Not only is it going to affect me in my lifetime, but will also be a huge issue that my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren are all going to have to deal with. This is going to heavily impact their lifetime, especially because we are not taking advantage of the little bit of time we have left to do anything about it.


Thinking back to The Time Machine, I remembered that I wasn’t emotional effected by what I had read, because it was so far ahead into the future. I knew it wouldn’t affect me or anyone else. It was over 800,000 years versus only 15. After reading this I definitely feel worried about the future.


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