Hurricane Fever

Every once in a while you find a book that plays more like a movie in your head. Hurricane Fever wasn’t the typical cli-fi book that we’ve read in class. It was packed with adventure, secrets and an all-too-real depiction of something that could actually happen in the world. Everyone likes to think about the possibility that there are spies somewhere out there doing crazy things with even crazier circumstances surrounding them, and I thought that this book did a really good job of portraying that. One of the most incredible non-standard things about this book were the different protagonists we saw. Usually when you follow any spy-saves-the-world type movie or book, the main character is almost always white. But that wasn’t the case with this, and I think that that in itself opened up a lot of different doors audience wise. It wasn’t the typical type which in turn will make a lot of different people want to read it. Aside from that, the subtlety of climate change made the book better because of the small things here and there. Islands sinking, waves crushing people, rising sea levels and the threat of hurricanes are things that are happening now. We can see these things getting worse too. It’s not impossible to imagine them and that’s going to be a real eye opener. Us being so close to something that we can almost taste it. Lastly, I noticed in a lot of reviews that people didn’t like that they pretty much knew what was going to happen next. I thought that Tobias Buckell did a fantastic job of letting the characters choose where they were going, and although that may make it somewhat predictable it also makes it that much more real.

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