Flood?!?!? Just say Epidemic…

Although this was another long book, i liked it. i liked that the main characters were two girls and their romantic relationship wasn’t the progress that helped a book tell the characters’ story. The jumping around from characters and time wasn’t too bad, because the chapter titles explained who and when the story is talking about.
The community of God’s Gardeners remind me of the Amish Society. Very God based, and very natural based.The Amish view the outside world as sinful, and often unhealthy. At the age of 16, the Amish allow their children to go out into society and experience it for a year, to live as they want. At the end of the year, the young adult must choose to commit to the Amish way of life or join society and end their ties with the Amish community. When a member commits to living with them in God’s Garden, they must abide by their rules. Like the change of diet in becoming a strict vegan, change in wardrobe, or their disuse of technology.
Atwood’s strong religious correlation makes me wonder how she views it. Although she ends the book with “God’s will” being completed, everything about the God’s Garden community seems like a cult. The titles for the men and women as “Adam” and “Eve” is weird. Their way of life reminds me of the Amishs, and their goals are very Christian based. Atwood also doesn’t seem to shy away from showing that these communities are not free from individual corruption. Like when Bernice believed that Burt was having an affair with Nuala, and she contacted the CorpSeCorps to have him arrested for selling marijuana at the market for personal gain.
I feel like this is an extreme representation of the society that we already live in. The epidemic in the book is caused from degration of the environment as a result from big corporations is an intensified all-at-once reaction to the pollution that produced from them. However in reality, the reason the number of people with health problems, like asthma, cancer, disorders and deformities have increased is because of the chemicals we put into the production of our food and also into the air.

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