Close to the Edge

Don’t let the thickness of this novel fool you, Climate Changed is a moderate read that engages the reader a great amount through the pages of an informative journey. The author and narrator, Philippe Squarzoni, makes himself relatable and for the most part I believe likable, too. This novel could be thoroughly enjoyed by someone who has a lot of knowledge on the topics of climate change and global warming or none at all. Before starting the book, he explains how he doesn’t have a plethora of information on climate change and global warming himself, so those who don’t know much on the topics gradually learn with him.

I think this graphic novel is supposed to be a warning, but can we even consider it a warning at this point due to how far into climate change dangers we already are? This was one of the things that scared me the most. This piece points a lot of necessary fingers at us because we genuinely deserve it. The structure of society is the biggest problem and contributor. After reading this book, you’re going to look at your own lifestyle and get mad at yourself. Then, you’re going to look at all your friends’ lifestyles and get mad at them too. Then this is where Squarzoni’s notion of the “split personality” comes in. We all want to change the world but we don’t want to change the luxurious way we live now. This novel conveys a strong and important message all while being genuinely entertaining.

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