Climate Changed: A Man, His Dog, and Everyone is Evil

Before reading Climate Changed, I was naturally expecting to be bored out of my wits. I mean, a 400+ page graphic novel that goes into great detail to say why the world is going to end sooner than we think? I thought it was going to be one of those preachy pieces of work that induces groans more than makes me think, and I was partially right. Between all of the groaning, I did feel like I was getting some useful and eye opening information from all the right sources.

From beginning to end, Squarzoni offers a lot of information from facts about the atmosphere to what the governments of the world aren’t doing about climate change. It was also pretty depressing to hear certain dates being thrown around, which pretty much means the powers that be know when considerable and negative changes will be happening, but are doing nothing to stop it. Instead, they throw around empty promises about how they are taking steps and “going green” when all of this is just a show so that they can keep lining their pockets.

To me, that was the most interesting part and also the most concerning. To people who don’t know what’s really going on and they hear a company is going green, they probably think its great and that as consumers, they are part of the effort to save the environment. The fact of the matter is that the environment can not be healthy in a consumerist society, so people need to choose between what they want and what they need. I know I certainly don’t want that responsibility.

The only issue I have with this graphic novel is that it gets too repetitive. It easily could have been 100 pages shorter by cutting out people saying more of the same thing. Still, it was a surprisingly interesting read that points a lot of fingers, but for a very good reason.

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