Are you there God?

When I first picked up this book, I assumed it would be a typical post apocalyptic, end of the world, type book that just kinda went on from page to page until the end. What I got out of this book was completely different. It’s a powerful story. The book is set in a time where the government has pretty much all but failed, and people are forced to live within a wall. If you go outside, you run the risk of being killed, raped, robbed, and whatever else. As bad is this sounds, life within the wall isn’t all that great as well. Lauren, the narrator, is the daughter of a minister and she makes it very clear she doesn’t believe in the God he does. Do you blame her? I think this book brings up an entirely different idea that we haven’t faced yet, how do you believe in God when everything is going wrong in the world? Terrible things are happening all around her. The break down of law and order, people are dying in the streets, and Lauren’s family is savagely killed. After going through all of that, how do you find the strength to believe in anything? I think this book does a fantastic job of showing people that all you really need is yourself, to get yourself through the horrible things in life so that you can experience the good ones.

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