An Interesting Expectation of the Future

H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine was an interesting read to say the least. Being from the perspective of somebody other than the time traveler gives the reader a sneaking suspicion that this whole story has been fabricated. The tales of the future seem so incredibly bizarre to the point where I had to question several times if he was indeed still talking about our planet Earth. The Elois and Morlocks being descendants of humans? I understand that he traveled hundreds of thousands of years into the future, but I simply could not comprehend the extreme change in atmosphere and human existence. Are we not supposed to be more advanced in technology and intelligence as time goes on?

Perhaps that was the expectation Wells has for our future, that we are eventually destined to succumb to nothing worth boasting about. Our current motivation which is almost entirely built upon trying to “out do” each other is pointless because our lifestyles and thought processes will eventually become so very simple. He also notes the differences of the future on an atmospheric level, though those concepts are only minutely mentioned and are not given great significance. However, if anybody wanted to take the time out to notice the hotter weather and description of the sun, I’m sure somebody could find a significant meaning to it.

Overall, I don’t think anybody would have a problem getting through this book simply because you would want to know if the time traveler’s tale is at all true. My only warning is to be prepared for some certainly strange occurrences as described by the time traveler.

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