Finding a Balance

I liked the book. I didn’t like all the minimal drama between the townspeople. However I understand why Barbara Kingsolver included it, to show that the characters’ personal interests and problems are nothing in comparison to the larger problem of climate change. Entomologist Ovid Byron foreshadowed a natural disaster for me (although expected one because the book was assigned), when he tells Dellarobia that when the ecosystem begins tattering and acting up that unpredictable changes are bound to happen. The flood at the end of the story emphasized that we need to find importance in caring for the environment, because we are going to feel the effects of climate change. Personally I think individuals and society need to find a balance of living wholesome but not over indulging in materials and social standards.

Also I enjoyed how Kingsolver included her religious beliefs, the good and the bad. She showed her frustration with the church and its members and the expectations of it. I liked the name Dellarobia, so I googled it and Luca Della Robbia was an Italian sculptor who graced many cathedrals in Florance with his art. How Dellarobia at first thought the butterflies on the mountainside was a miracle, but slowly combined her faith with science to find balance. Lastly, Kingsolver ended the story with a flood to show a fresh start that Dellarobia desired. I would also like to acknowledge how much I liked Kingsolver’s style in writing. At times I could imagine the image she was presenting, especially when she described the natural environment.

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