The Machine Stops- Joe Ridilla- Post #1

I found the article, “The Machine Stops” by E. M. Forster to be a very interesting piece on technology and climate change.  In this piece, in terms of climate change, the earth’s surface is no longer inhabitable.  This in turn leads to revolutionary changes in society and how life is lived in a futuristic system.  The part that I will focus on is when Vashti is in “The Machine.”  The funny part about the article in terms of today’s society is that we are so involved and lost within technology that it can feel at times that we as people individually are trapped within a “machine.”  I myself even feel this way when it almost always feels like every part of my life anymore involves some piece of technology.  Like the woman inside the machine, I feel like there is a button for everything and if there isn’t one at this moment, there will be soon.  As there is a button for everything in “The Machine”, there is an app for everything in our society.  I find it both comical and terrifying that our society today is slowly becoming something that is almost identical to the machine in The Machine Stops.


-Joe Ridilla

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