Final Blog Audit

Another semester is done and my time at Temple University has come to a close, and what a unique way to end it. When I first heard the class was about “climate fiction,” the groaning that when on my head was almost deafening, but everything really did seem to work out and I found a few interesting new authors.

Being a fan of science fiction, a lot of the novels were directed towards my interests, and the fact that part of the story was about the climate didn’t really change how I would have normally analyzed the books. I probably would’ve completely missed the climate stuff if I was just reading some of these books on my own. What really made this class unique was the blog.

I, personally, love blogging. I’ve been writing film reviews for a few years now, so the opportunity to do the same with books and get graded on it was right up my alley. I said on my last audit that writing these reviews was a great way to get my thoughts in order before class. Reading other blogs also helped at times to see other points of view on the books or maybe look at some parts that I hated or loved in a different light.

While I could do without some of the readings and would have liked to have explored a few more genres, I will say that this was a worthwhile class to take. What really stands out was my discovery of both Kim Stanley Robinson and Margaret Atwood, both of whose novels I’m going to try and read more of. My only one regret is that I didn’t use the blog as much as I should have.

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