Final Audit

How did knowing you’d have to write a Review on the blog change the way you read our books? How did it change the way you prepared for class?

In terms of reading, the blog definitely helped me to focus on analyzing the books for their views on climate change rather than just reading them for enjoyment. I felt as though many of the books that we read were page-turners, and I enjoyed reading them, but the blog assignment definitely helped to keep me focused on the issues that needed to be discussed.


How did writing in this format affect your writing process and writing style? I’m really interested to hear how writing in a blog format was different from writing you’ve done in other classes, whether English classes with more traditional papers, other courses with online writing (blog, discussion board, etc.) or otherwise. Did the possibility of a wider audience – your classmates, or anyone who stumbled upon our blog – change the way you wrote?

This format did not really affect my writing style. While I suppose it should have made my writing more informal and accessible, I still felt more comfortable writing in a style that I would use in a term paper. The possibility of a wider audience caused me to stick more to this, as I wanted my writing to be as good as possible.


How often did you read the Reviews posted by your classmates? Did you gravitate towards reading particular writers?

I did not often read the reviews posted by other students, but I did read almost all of the other posts on the blog. I enjoyed looking into and commenting on the articles that my peers brought to the class’s attention. While I’m sure many of the blog posts were interesting, the other content seemed more unique, and usually very easy to comment on.


I’d be excited to hear you reflect on whether and/or how your experience with and attitude towards the blog changed over the course of the semester. Did it live up to its promise? Was the blog element of the course better or worse than you hoped or feared?

I thought that the blog would be fun to write, and it was. I enjoyed reading and posting the non-review content a lot more than I thought I would. At the beginning of the class, I was slightly afraid of posting on the blog for everyone to see, but this fear dissipated over the course of the semester.


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