Final Audit

The blog portion of this class was something that made me extremely nervous at the beginning of the semester. I was worried that other people would be reading what I was writing because I wasn’t entirely confident in my writing and I was nervous about doing something wrong (like misunderstanding a character’s motives or the plot). Along with this, everyone in this class really intimidated me because the majority of them are significantly older and therefore smarter than me, making me a little hesitant to post on the blog. Eventually though, I got over myself.

Knowing I’d have to write a review of the books we read in class made me really pay extra attention to everything that was happening in the book, something I don’t typically do when I’m reading just for fun. Not like I don’t pay attention when I’m reading for fun, but I definitely don’t pay as much attention to really specific things like I did with the books we had to read for class. What mostly motivated me to do this was the high expectations that the blog had to meet, seeing as now anyone in the universe who wants to read this blog can do so. I think this is really cool because our blog posts can potentially help other people further develop their own opinions about cli-fi and also help them form a better analysis of whatever book they’re reading the review of.

I tried to read at least two of my classmates’ reviews every week just to make sure I definitely knew what was happening in the book. This was especially helpful for The Collapse of Western Civilization because while that book was one of my favorites (because of how quickly it read) it was extremely confusing, so reading my classmates’ reviews definitely helped with clarification. Overall, I think the blog was a really helpful and successful part of the class that should definitely be continued as long as this class is offered. I think that if the blog didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t have liked this class as much as I did because while in-class discussions are helpful, the blog posts allowed us to have a more in-depth look of everyone’s opinions of the books.

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