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In the beginning of the semester when I found out a large portion of the class was going to be blogging, part of me wanted to drop the class. Not because I don’t like blogging, I just didn’t think I would be particularly good at it (as reflected in my first blog post grade). Reading other people’s blogs helped me in a lot of ways. I got more in touch with how the writing should be, free but still structured. I learned how to incorporate a lot of big ideas into a reasonable post size so that my classmates and random people reading the blog wouldn’t tune out or start to skim read after the first 4 sentences. I struggled a lot with finding a voice that I felt would adequately show my ideas and stance on certain issues within climate change. My other English classes were very largely paper based, so I actually enjoyed a lot just being able to write what I thought in a way that wasn’t so formal but was still really informing. I had another English class for my internship where we would blog, but that was just saying what we did for the week, so very personal and very easy. This was personal but professional, I feel. I love being able to see what everyone else thinks and how they are fearless in what they write. People that never spoke  in class would have the most incredible ideas and ways of saying them. So in that way I feel what you started here is amazing. Not just for the shy people who don’t talk in class, but for the people who talk too much in class….the ones that everyone pretty much tunes out after a while (sorry), it made it easier to read all of their ideas too. All in all I really enjoyed the blogging aspect of this class, a lot more than I originally thought that I would.

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