Blogging Audit

What’s going well?
If the purpose of this blog is to bring informative awareness about environmental issues plaguing the planet, potential dangers that future generations may face due to atmospheric interferences and deterioration, weatherization, global warming, climate change, and to promote the recently popularized genre of climate-change-fiction known as “Cli-fi”: then the blog is a success. The blog is comprised of intelligently constructed book reviews and news postings focusing visitors’ attention on the seriousness of climate change and its effects on future civilizations. Moreover, this blog demonstrates the power of social media as a promotional tool, as many people were unaware of climate-change-fiction. The blog also validates the power the Arts have in bringing consciousness to social ills.

What do you wish was different?
I am not a blogger nor am I a fan of blogging, and this is the first experience I have had with this type of writing. Blogs are great social media resources for obtaining a concentrated amount of information on a particular topic. However, blogs are intrusive and opens doorways for people to read one’s thoughts, opinions, ideals, and not everyone wants this information available to the world. With this in mind, I personally would want to eliminate the mandated blog posts because not everyone wants their writings/thoughts publicized for the world; I would rather submit assignments privately to the professor.

How could we make the blog better?
More visual graphics. Right now the blog reads like an endless amount of wordiness. Visitors may lose interest when there is not enough visual stimuli. Internet surfers read with more than just their minds; they let their eyes scan the screen for an image that provokes thought and holds their attention to entice them to read the literary commentary of the blog.

How does posting on a blog compare to writing you’ve done for other classes?
The writings I have posted for the blog (the short and expert reviews) have been centered on the functionality of academia; meaning, my writings are presented on a level equal to other academic courses that require written submissions of work. For me there is no difference between the two because I put the same amount of effort and thought into both writing styles. But I do not like having my work publicized for the world to see that is why I am thankful that outsiders cannot post comments on the blog, I am NOT a fan of unsolicited opinions, commentary, or criticism.

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