BlOg AuDiT

The blog is one of my favorite things about this class, actually. It makes the already interactive nature of this class even more interactive and I feel like I’m learning more about the books by reading what other people thought of it in their posts than by just having discussions in class about it. The only thing that’s off-putting to me about the blog posts is that it’s kind of intimidating to write a post about something I know other people are going to be reading. Mostly because if I misunderstand something about the book and write a blog post about something that might not even be relevant and someone jumps down my throat about it I’ll get all nervous and probably not have opinions ever again. Not that anybody in this class would do that because you’re all delightful and intelligent people.

Another reason it kind of intimidates me is because I don’t think I’m that strong of a writer so just the idea of other people reading what I’m posting scares me. However, I’m pretty sure being nervous about other people reading what you write is a common thing and through the use of this blog I’ve grown accustomed to knowing that other people are reading what I’m writing besides the professor so I think that’s another beneficial aspect of this blog. In class yesterday, some people addressed the issue of there not being enough structure and I have to say I disagree with that. I feel better knowing that I don’t have to be reading a book looking for a specific thing to write about and that I can just write what’s going on in my brain right after I finish it as opposed to writing like a robot and fulfilling a prompt. I also said in class yesterday that maybe a “Some questions to consider for this review might be…” for those people who are actually concerned about structure. I figured this would be useful because then those people get there structure but it ultimately has no effect on the people who like things the way they are now because those questions are purely suggestions.

I definitely like posting on the blog more than I like doing writing for my other classes because here I can just write how I speak; sarcastically. I probably wouldn’t get away with putting anything I write here into a research paper and if I did, I would fail out of college. Overall, I really think this blog is a good idea. It gives everyone a chance to get inside each other’s heads and helps a lot (at least for me) with some of the reading comprehension. The blog is super cool, just like our dear friend, Dan Bloom.


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