I enjoy the blogging component of this class. I like that we have the freedom to choose what we want to write about because it allows for more interesting conversations in class. Overall, I believe the blogging is going well for this class because it allows in-class conversations to go more smoothly. It is helpful being able to see what my classmates post about the book so I can better understand parts of the book that I may be confused about and so that I can deepen my level of thinking. I believe that the blog works well in preparing students for class each week because it gives them the opportunity to process the book, how people reacted to the book and how the book relates to the issue of climate change.

What I would change about the blog for this class is the online participation. I feel that it is easy for students to forget that they need to post comments or posts that are separate from the short reviews. I would change this by having students comment on another classmates’ post each week in addition to writing their short review. In addition, I would have students receive extra credit if they choose to post an article or video that is related to the course.

I have had classes in the past that use blogs, twitter and discussion boards. I like how this blog functions because it is the main portal that we use for this class. In addition for it being a place where students can connect their thoughts about the reading, it also includes information about the course, which is easy to access. In this way, I think the blog is very effective.

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