Overall, I think that the blog has been a positive experience so far. As a person who has great interest in climate change, I am always pleased when I see that people are learning about it and having open discussions. It is the most important problem that our generation and generations to come will have to face. Presently, we stand at a very crucial point where our actions can still have a positive impact. In my opinion, any type of change must first be started with a simple conversation, which is exactly what our class and the blog are achieving. While our discussions are not on the world stage or anything close to it, it is important to take whatever knowledge we can take away from the class experience and to share it with anyone who will listen. It is in this light that we can claim that as a class and as bloggers we were successful.


I have not taken many writing or English courses in my time at Temple, but the ones that I have taken were quite different from this class. I have written on discussion boards for classes but never on a blog. I find this platform to be interesting as it allows for a broader conversation. Most English classes I have taken have been largely writing oriented, which makes a lot of sense. I do think that when diving into a whole new genre such as cli-fi the discussion based class makes sense as well. I think that in terms of basing a class around the cli-fi genre, a blog is a perfect way for the class to communicate. In my opinion, I am not sure that much has to be done to make the blog better. It definitely sets up our class for better discussions and it allows us to inform each other on topics that we might not have time to discuss in class. I think that as long as everyone feels comfortable commenting on peoples’ posts and reviews, as everyone should, nothing has to be changed. I hate to be that person who has no suggestions for improvement and who says that everything is fine, but in my humble opinion, as long as a discussion is happening we shouldn’t mess with success.



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