I think the blogs are a really good idea just in general. I think a lot of Professors have problems keeping their students engaged with the material, but a weekly blog is the perfect way to keep them involved. Especially considering this is such an out there subject matter, it’s a great idea to keep tabs on how those students are responding to it and how their opinions are evolving with regards to it throughout the course of the semester. Not to mention that more classes and teachers need to embrace the technological world we live in and use that as a means of bringing the classroom into the future.

The only thing I really wish was different, were more direct writing prompts in terms of the blogs. Just doing reviews are fine, but at the same time I feel as though if we were given more structured book specific prompts, the writing would be much easier to do on a week to week basis. This is mainly because I personally have never been great at “Here’s a thing, now go write about it.” I think doing that would really make the blog better, and in addition to that maybe it could be required that students each find a relevant web page every week to post and blog quickly about as well.

However, despite thinking the blogs are a good idea, and a great addition to any classroom environment, I don’t really think the blogs are indicative of my writing ability as shown in other classes, and that’s mainly because of what I was saying before with regards to the lack of prompt structure. Despite that though, it is not an idea that should be abandoned, it should be held on to and expanded through many other classes throughout Temple’s campus.

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