Great Class….cli-fi is here to change the world….

While reading the novels, I was aware that I would need to give my opinion on the books and it made me try to capture key points and objectives. I tried not to read leisurely but some of the books were long and I basically would either skip certain chapters and write about what I remembered and how it tied into the topic of climate change. Having not been a science fiction reader I was unsure what was science fiction was and I focused more on the themes of client change in each of the books I read. In class, I tried to pick up on the ideas of what was on others mind and tended to answer and participate when I felt it was something useful and or have a opinion that meant something.

The writing for me was more expressive in nature. I felt less constraints in expressing myself and how the various books were good or bad for me. My other courses have been more formal in nature in regards to having to do a lot of research on the various topics. My writing is my writing I did not feel anything outside of trying to get  a decent grade. If people were interested that’s nice but it was not a major point for me.

I actually enjoyed reading Dennis’ comments, mostly. He had the most to say and it was well written. There were a few others that really were able to share thoughts and opinions that made sense and allowed me think about what I wrote or shared.

Did knowing that you had to post on the blog affect the way you read (and watched) stuff unrelated to the course readings? This for me was the most important idea for this class. Reading the novels but discussing climate change helped me to understand and really be in touch with where we are as a society. While I knew climate change was a real topic and something that American society focus on from time to time being able to read about it in more detail helped with me having a better connection to the world around me. The blogs helped in writing down my thoughts as it related to the novels and also what was going on in my day to day living.

 I initially was a bit intimated because I never wrote a blog and I was a bit unsure what to say in terms of my thoughts. What made it a bit easier was that it was fiction and I could look at it from the stand point of something that was not real and try and focus on what message was trying to be conveyed. The books were lengthy, I think after a time I started getting a bit tired of all of the reading and was thinking maybe it could be less books but more talking about different ideas or the underlying message in the novels. I think it is a great idea to have this looked at publicly. I think others will get more attention than mine but if what I share will help someone understand the topic and help with changing our current climate for the better, I am all for it. Kudos to you Ted! Best of Luck and thanks for a great semester!

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