My Audit-_-

Originally, I did not like the requirement of posting online. I am bad with managing my time, so I have always hated when an instructor incorporated “online Participation” as part of the grade. However, I will admit this blog kind of grew on me. First, it has challenged me to force myself into managing my personal time better. Also, it has forced me to go in depth about my analysis. I have been able to watch my opinions get stronger, to realize why I do or do not like something! Another thing I have not realized until now, is that because this is not a formal paper, I have been able to develop my own voice/style. I like that we have the freedom to go in any direction with our analysis and connections.

I try to stay off most social media, so I don’t have a FB, Instagram, twitter, etc. So I’m definitely not used to posting things up, navigating, re-visiting, and commenting. I feel like that is something that I should be better at… responding and interacting with the other bloggers. But that’s a failing of my own, I like the website, how it’s set up, and how we get graded. Also, how we discuss the blog in class, that brings it back to the traditional form of learning (at least for me), and emphasizes important aspects of the book.


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