Audit: Blogging with Anxiety

Personally, I find the blogging aspect of this class to make things far more daunting than in other classes where the only audience for my writing is the professor. Simply the fact that our work is publicly exposed, (even if most of that exposure is mostly limited to participants in the class,) means that I am always extra careful about what I post, not just in terms of content, but also in the level of quality I attempt to maintain. The major drawback of this is that I am much more timid about posting than I would be about writing in some more private manner. Posting under a pseudonym has helped alleviate a bit of this anxiety for me, but I still feel obligated to maintain a certain composure. Perhaps that is not such a bad thing, but it does make me limit how much I post.

One thing I wish I did more of is sharing articles on the blog. I read many articles on my own time, but I seldom post about what I am reading. While I have maintained the minimum amount of posts required thus far, I cannot shake the feeling that when I do post, it is mainly for the sake of my class grade. If I were less anxious, I would probably enjoy sharing my voice more, but my hesitations drain a lot of the pleasure from the process.

I should also mention that I find the commenting function of the blog itself to be a little weak. I am not talking about the volume or quality of comments, but rather the commenting system itself. As far as I am aware, there is no real notification system for receiving comments beyond the feed of most recent comments on the side of the webpage. It is a shame that this function is so sparse, because I think if it were easier to see and react to comments, there might be more lively discussion on the blog.

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