I feel as though I’ve gotten a lot out of blogging so far. At this point, I have posted three short reviews and both of my expert reviews. I’ve left several comments and posted a few news articles that I have found relating to the books we have read and the subject of climate change in general. I’ve learned a lot about climate change just from researching potential articles to post on the blog. I feel that some good discussions have been generated in the comments of many posts. I like that the writing on the blog is somewhat informal; I feel as though it allows me more space to share my thoughts and opinions. Other class blogs that I have participated in did not allow this, and few discussions were generated. It’s also exciting that so many people that are not involved in our class are reading our blog and talking about it. I wish that perhaps more feedback for our reviews could be posted by our peers. I see a lot of people commenting on articles, but very few on our long assignments. Since I know that many of us are very opinionated about the books we have been reading, I feel as though this could generate more discussion and help us all to think more deeply about the topics we have been reading about. I also wish that the public could comment on our posts, such as the other cli-fi class at Oregon. Their thoughts, especially since their reading material is different than ours, could offer some good insight.

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