So to be completely and totally honest, I’m not really a “blogger”. I like complete direction with assignments. Clear cut directions, and a designated outcome. I’m not good at writing whatever as long as it’s relevant, so when I found out the biggest part of our class was going to be blogging, I was nervous and not excited to say the least. With those expectations starting out, I’m actually really surprised with how well and how easy it was to actually write blog posts. Granted, my first one was a train-wreck and I had to read a couple of my classmates to really get the feel for it, I think I’ve kind of got the blog thing down. It’s definitely different than any other blogs I’ve done, most of those were either for my internship, which was just a weekly summary of what I did or it was a question with lots and lots of back up questions telling me exactly what to do. Going forward, Maybe put a general thing you want to know for each blog post, a central idea you want to focus on. I think that would help people like me who need something to go off of ad still cater to those people who just write freely. One thing I saw in someone else’s was that commenting on other people’s blogs should be a a mandatory thing, I think it’s good to encourage that but forcing them to do it will probably just generate some half-assed responses. All in all I think the blogs are working great, we have a lot of really good ideas coming from people and they generate some awesome class discussions.

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