I didn’t know what to expect from an elective English course, but I can guarantee you that I did not expect it to be this “science-y.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing as I’ve been exposed to some fictional works that have been interesting and entertaining, works that I definitely would not have come across on my own which is pretty cool *cough cough* Parable of the Sower *cough cough*. I would’ve loved to have a book or two less to read for the class itself, but this is an English class and I understand that the amount of reading should be more than average.

The posting aspect of this class has such good intentions, but it’s definitely troublesome. I know my opinions are not nearly as strong and my knowledge not as vast as some others’ in the class which makes it hard to contribute equally. I think this disadvantage is often overlooked because, I’m sure, it would be expected that the class equally contribute and participate. That being said, I think I’ve done a pretty decent job of commenting on other peoples’ posts and reviews. At least, I’ve done what I think I’m capable of without making myself look like a complete fool. To be honest though, I’d prefer a couple of write-ups that were sent directly to the professor; but I think my feelings about this could be due to the fact that there are a couple of really opinionated students who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, which isn’t a problem (that’s the point of college, to share different opinions and hear differing perspectives). The only issue I’ve come across is that I don’t personally feel comfortable enough with these topics of climate change and even works of literature to share my perspective. Simply put, I don’t think I bring anything valuable to the virtual table. I’m not ashamed to say that. After all, I signed up for this class so that I could learn.

Overall, the blog posts are a fine idea but they’re not for everybody. I think having required comments is smart though because it makes sure that everybody gets a little bit involved in the course.

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