40 Signs of Rain and What’s next….

This was a compelling read. I felt the characters were well rounded and relative to everyday life. Coming from the perspective of a person who is starting to grasp the science fiction and the whole idea of climate change, this novel allowed me to think in a more significant way. What struck out the most aside from the characters, was the different scenarios in which the author showed in building a case for climate change or science in general. All of the politics that goes into getting funding and your message out about initiatives was presented in a way that I could see a lot of this happening.

There were not a lot of theatrics but bare boned discussion and situations that I would say is everyday life. While it could have had some stronger high moments (the biggest one was when Frank broke into the office to get is resignation letter and the elevator tryst:-) so some might see it as boring it did have some moments where you felt sorry, mad and disappointed in how hard it is to get a project off of the ground. I really was getting pissed when the group of scientist were deciding whether or not to give funding and I felt like why does is it in the hands of a few to make a decision about something that is much bigger than that group of people.

Towards the end with the chunks of cliff falling, animals escaping from the zoo it kind of brought things full circle. It showed that cause and effect and brought it back to climate change is a real and that we as a society need to take note. It is a collective idea that requires much work and attention. While this book is fiction based it has enough relevance for you to want to do research and find out more about this idea and where we are currently.

I am not compelled to read the trilogy because too much of this will make me depressed. Will recommend to others.

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