Live Today for Tomorrow

There is an old cliché: “money can’t buy love or happiness,” but there is something else money cannot buy, a sustainable, livable future planet. The link below leads to an article that appeals to individuals’ innate ability for love and compassion towards one’s future family members and their heirs that will be left behind in death, to preserve the Earth. The present generation may find it hard to engage the concept that the world will negatively climatically evolve, but evidence to support this claim is in abundant supply. If the notion of future climatic change is impregnable because the existing population cannot conceive or envision of a time some thousands or hundreds-of-thousands of years into the distant future, than merely look to one’s heritage and what will be left for your children and your children’s children. This is a call-to-action to think beyond selfish present-day desires, and to think of the needs of future generations.

Leaving Something to Future Generations: A Climate Change Challenge

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