Climate Change: Will the World Relive Its Past of Slavery?

It is ABHORRENT to think or imagine that the cursed, malevolent, disgusting, plague of slavery could every reinvent itself in modern societies, but given the information provided by a report (Climate Change 2014) from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; this unimaginable reality may manifest from conjectured fiction to a lived nightmare come true for billions of people. As demonstrated by Octavia Butler the IPCC report, succinctly, justifies her prediction of the world regressing into a state of potential unilateral economic enslavement: “’Climate change is projected to progressively increase inter-annual variability of crop yields in many regions. These projected impacts will occur in the context of rapidly rising crop demand.’ Translation: We’ll have smaller harvests in the future, less food, and 3 billion more mouths to feed.”

Will Climate Change force the economic underclass into a subjugating, knee-bent, new Jim Crow way of life?

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