Great Class….cli-fi is here to change the world….

While reading the novels, I was aware that I would need to give my opinion on the books and it made me try to capture key points and objectives. I tried not to read leisurely but some of the books were long and I basically would either skip certain chapters and write about what I remembered and how it tied into the topic of climate change. Having not been a science fiction reader I was unsure what was science fiction was and I focused more on the themes of client change in each of the books I read. In class, I tried to pick up on the ideas of what was on others mind and tended to answer and participate when I felt it was something useful and or have a opinion that meant something.

The writing for me was more expressive in nature. I felt less constraints in expressing myself and how the various books were good or bad for me. My other courses have been more formal in nature in regards to having to do a lot of research on the various topics. My writing is my writing I did not feel anything outside of trying to get  a decent grade. If people were interested that’s nice but it was not a major point for me.

I actually enjoyed reading Dennis’ comments, mostly. He had the most to say and it was well written. There were a few others that really were able to share thoughts and opinions that made sense and allowed me think about what I wrote or shared.

Did knowing that you had to post on the blog affect the way you read (and watched) stuff unrelated to the course readings? This for me was the most important idea for this class. Reading the novels but discussing climate change helped me to understand and really be in touch with where we are as a society. While I knew climate change was a real topic and something that American society focus on from time to time being able to read about it in more detail helped with me having a better connection to the world around me. The blogs helped in writing down my thoughts as it related to the novels and also what was going on in my day to day living.

 I initially was a bit intimated because I never wrote a blog and I was a bit unsure what to say in terms of my thoughts. What made it a bit easier was that it was fiction and I could look at it from the stand point of something that was not real and try and focus on what message was trying to be conveyed. The books were lengthy, I think after a time I started getting a bit tired of all of the reading and was thinking maybe it could be less books but more talking about different ideas or the underlying message in the novels. I think it is a great idea to have this looked at publicly. I think others will get more attention than mine but if what I share will help someone understand the topic and help with changing our current climate for the better, I am all for it. Kudos to you Ted! Best of Luck and thanks for a great semester!

Hurricane Fever…Not just about Hurricanes

Glad that this was the last book because it focused not just on climate change in terms of nature but also on the human condition in regards to human viruses that have also been at the forefront lately.

Roo was a interesting character, he reminded me of a James Bond or Matt Damon type of guy. He lived on the edge and was not afraid of facing challenges that others probably would not take. He was able to get out of situations while others died or were badly injured. The type of weapons that he and Kit used I was surprised he was able to get away with firing and it all seemed like a private affair (no police, etc). Beauchamp was ruthless in his pursuit to rid society and to  create a plaque to destroy the poor people on the earth.  The idea to kill people so that the population can be reduced because as he states “We just breed with no acceptance of the consequences” speaks to a much larger idea of how we look at society, especially our poor.

My question is are there man made plagues, if so, are they being used on humans to help or hinder?  Overall I thought this was a good book and would recommended to others.


Snow Piercer…

This was my second time seeing this film. I thought it was different in concept in terms of people living on a train that never stops and the class system that took place. This move spoke to everything that climate change represents and was presented in a way that drew me into how it might possibly be. I thought the train idea was a bit far fetched but the idea of having a select group of people and the life in which each group was living was relevant. A class system inside of a moving train showed that even in situations like this the idea of rich vs poor still applies.

40 Signs of Rain and What’s next….

This was a compelling read. I felt the characters were well rounded and relative to everyday life. Coming from the perspective of a person who is starting to grasp the science fiction and the whole idea of climate change, this novel allowed me to think in a more significant way. What struck out the most aside from the characters, was the different scenarios in which the author showed in building a case for climate change or science in general. All of the politics that goes into getting funding and your message out about initiatives was presented in a way that I could see a lot of this happening.

There were not a lot of theatrics but bare boned discussion and situations that I would say is everyday life. While it could have had some stronger high moments (the biggest one was when Frank broke into the office to get is resignation letter and the elevator tryst:-) so some might see it as boring it did have some moments where you felt sorry, mad and disappointed in how hard it is to get a project off of the ground. I really was getting pissed when the group of scientist were deciding whether or not to give funding and I felt like why does is it in the hands of a few to make a decision about something that is much bigger than that group of people.

Towards the end with the chunks of cliff falling, animals escaping from the zoo it kind of brought things full circle. It showed that cause and effect and brought it back to climate change is a real and that we as a society need to take note. It is a collective idea that requires much work and attention. While this book is fiction based it has enough relevance for you to want to do research and find out more about this idea and where we are currently.

I am not compelled to read the trilogy because too much of this will make me depressed. Will recommend to others.


I actually like blogging. As time goes on and I’m reading it’s a great way to communicate your thoughts and perspective. We do have a lot of readings but it’s relative to the topic and, at least for me, it allows me to reflect much better than the standard way of writing. The class experience is diverse in thought and feeling which for a evening course, you tend to have all dry and weary eyed people.

As far as the readings themselves, I think they are different in perspective but a common theme of humanity on the brink of disaster, hope, faith. I think if you pose questions for people to comment on about the books, there might be more interaction and thoughts shared.


Great concept!

No Faith in Humanity

This book was wonderfully written. I had a lot of angst reading this book and felt that it was never going to get better and it didn’t. This story made me think about society today and can this actually happen? We do currently have gated communities in America that require you to have a key to access. These communities typically have upper class people living in them and  most choose to live in them for safety and to set themselves apart from society and to not allow “others” to come in. Remember the killing of Trayvon Martin the unarmed teenager who was gunned down in a gated community in Florida and the controversial stand your ground law. The author spent a lot of time focusing on Lauren Olamina and her overall feelings and ideas. She was a somewhat complex character with her being able to feel pain to wanting to create Earthseed which she did not want to connect to God but yet her writing had God is change throughout her journal.

This story was very poignant, it hit you hard into thinking could really happen? But to this extreme, I had to really think about where we are today in terms of climate change and if we were to run out of water and resources how would society react. If we had to pay police to come out and  investigate and they really did nothing about it. The use of hallucinating drugs and the level of stealing and killing and all out anarchy that occurred made me think if there are signs of this today, maybe not as overt as this but it does make wonder where society is heading. We have over a billion people in America, how long can we keep producing at the level that we are and maintain the standard of living that we currently have. We have  abundance of material things but nature is suffering and can only produce before it starts to bottom out.

The hyperempathy syndrome that Lauren had, while difficult made her sensitive to the world around her. I think it allowed her to be a great leader. I felt so sad for all of the lost that occurred and the barbaric way that her family died. I did not understand why they did not prepare better and did not take the opportunity to leave when it was offered. They kept saying it was a dead end and they were better off where they were but the majority of them died and Lauren was the only one who had prepared herself for the inevitable to come.
This was a great read and I am considering reading more of her books.

Earth Abides where???

I honestly thought there were going to be zombies in this book..LOL I was waiting and kept reading and was disappointed. It was very wordy and redundant.  The description of nature and how the environment was changing (animals, plants) was interesting and made me think about how society adapts to change. I could not connect the dots in regards to climate change as this was based on a viral epidemic, which could have been air borne or other some other type of infectious contamination. The main character could have been developed more, I thought he was very safe and he was not exciting.

Is there any hope for the future?

In reading the Climate Change, I found it informative and also disturbing. Primarily because it seems that the only way to help curtail a environmental disaster is by everyone pulling together to make a difference. I think that great, but can we really do that? It seems like it will take people to actually put into action steps to change the way we live our lives. It made me look at my life and want to change several things that I do to assist in what is a mass movement. The author really expounded on the history which included the rise in temperature, green house gases which help me understand just how global warming is occurring. The way the writing was presented I found it easy to read and follow, even though I was trying to figure out some of the graphics but I think he was trying to make a correlation between facts and how it plays out in everyday life. As a society I hope that we can come together and cause a positive change to our environment. If we just get rid of the SUVs alone that would help greatly. I do not understand how some people are so greedy that they cannot for the better good admit that global warming is real and actively do something about it.


The Time Machine

H.G. Wells story of a machine that travels through time was a great introduction to sci-fi for a novice. I went in thinking I would not be able to follow the story line and thought it was going to be totally outside of my realm of thinking. I was wrong. The story actually was interesting and drew me into his idea of what life could be like in the year 802,701. It was actually scary  in his depiction of how two classes of people existed. The Eloi were described as everyone having the same hair cut, dress and mannerism and they were vegetarian. The Morlocks were undressed, bald and could not bear the sunlight, they were seen as evil. It was disturbing that the story focused so strongly on good versus evil.