The Time Machine, a novel by H.G. Wells starts out with the story of a man who was late to his dinner party and turns into one of the most well-known science fiction novels in the genre. In the book, his guests recently found out that he has his own time machine….which didn’t exactly help out his whole “sorry for being late” attitude he had when he came in looking all disheveled.  The story is not overly technical, Wells doesn’t go into great detail about his time machine, but the book does dive deep into some big themes about the nature of man.  Told from an outside third person perspective, we never really know if the story is 100% true or not. The narrator tells his dinner guests that he has traveled into the future to the year 802,701 where there are two different kinds of people that more or less give us a look into the types of people that are all around us right now. Not in the literal sense considering the lower class (Morlocks)  eats some of  the upper class (Eloi) But the gap between those two types of people relates directly to the gap between classes during the time the book was written. While the story is very compelling, there are a few things that were a little off scientifically. The Eloi are described as being completely disease free, but even in the future if there are no viruses, or parasites you still need bacteria or the entire ecosystem will fail…there are just Little holes in the plots here and there.

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