Is there any hope for the future?

In reading the Climate Change, I found it informative and also disturbing. Primarily because it seems that the only way to help curtail a environmental disaster is by everyone pulling together to make a difference. I think that great, but can we really do that? It seems like it will take people to actually put into action steps to change the way we live our lives. It made me look at my life and want to change several things that I do to assist in what is a mass movement. The author really expounded on the history which included the rise in temperature, green house gases which help me understand just how global warming is occurring. The way the writing was presented I found it easy to read and follow, even though I was trying to figure out some of the graphics but I think he was trying to make a correlation between facts and how it plays out in everyday life. As a society I hope that we can come together and cause a positive change to our environment. If we just get rid of the SUVs alone that would help greatly. I do not understand how some people are so greedy that they cannot for the better good admit that global warming is real and actively do something about it.


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