Hurricane Fever…Not just about Hurricanes

Glad that this was the last book because it focused not just on climate change in terms of nature but also on the human condition in regards to human viruses that have also been at the forefront lately.

Roo was a interesting character, he reminded me of a James Bond or Matt Damon type of guy. He lived on the edge and was not afraid of facing challenges that others probably would not take. He was able to get out of situations while others died or were badly injured. The type of weapons that he and Kit used I was surprised he was able to get away with firing and it all seemed like a private affair (no police, etc). Beauchamp was ruthless in his pursuit to rid society and to  create a plaque to destroy the poor people on the earth.  The idea to kill people so that the population can be reduced because as he states “We just breed with no acceptance of the consequences” speaks to a much larger idea of how we look at society, especially our poor.

My question is are there man made plagues, if so, are they being used on humans to help or hinder?  Overall I thought this was a good book and would recommended to others.


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