Frankly I’m Confused and Unamused

The Windup Girl is an interesting book, but a confusing one at that. I’m still not entirely sure what this book is about, and that might be because I only semi-read it. The book bored me honestly. I’m not really sure that I love the premise of the book, and it was too far out for me. I understand the over arching themes of the environment and climate, as that is what has caused this world to come into effect in the first place, but the book was too much for me. I did not ever get into it, not even after the first 100 pages, and I’m not overly upset about that.

The most interesting theme in the book for me was the whole idea of genocide. I find it fascinating that the author thought that there would be genocide in a world where there was already so much suffering and death due to climate change. I would hope that as a species we would be able to avoid killing each other more than the environment already did. There is no reason that I can understand for people to continue killing each other. It makes sense to me that there would be this interesting dynamic of people vying for power and destroying other people’s lives.

I think that the book is interesting in that it details a world that i’ve never even conceived of before, but otherwise it failed to capture my interest.

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