Escape from L.A.

The Parable of the Sower is another source of Cli-Fi that revolves around some of the similar themes that are relevant in many of the other books we have already read this semester.  The primary issues of 2024 Southern California revolve around numerous climate changes and disasters that led to corruption within the government.  These disasters also contributed to a break down of society as a whole which in turn leads to social conflicts throughout all classes as well as an increase in crime rates.  In a post apocalyptic society such as this, anything goes, crime runs rampant and people will kill for almost anything.  In a sense, it reminds me of something out of a Mad Max film or even something like Escape from L.A.. For those of you that have seen it and know what I’m talking about, the world of Escape from L.A. is just like the Los Angeles of this book.

The scariest part of this book and many of the other books we have read, is the fact that the basic break down of society and social structures is something that without a doubt would occur under these circumstances.  On the other hand, climate change and the environmental disasters that occur is something that is debatable.  For this reason, I really enjoy the basic premise of Parable of the Sower.  Mostly because I can agree with the argument that society would turn into an terrifying place full of crime, disease, poverty and anything else one could imagine.  One finally idea that I enjoyed about the book is that it focuses on the notion that in a world such as this, it forces individuals to rely more on one another instead of on a God or a heaven.  This is something that is most prominent in Lauren’s notebook.

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