Climate Changed: An Important Lesson Learned

Climate Changed: A Personal Journey Through the Science is an extremely effective piece of work. The reader is along for the ride as Phillippe Squarzoni takes a personal journey to understand an extremely significant and inevitable natural phenomenon called climate change. He weaves details from his own life in with larger topics that are pieces of the complex web of the human effort to curb the effects of climate change. He is doing important work that is arguably as crucial as the scientific work done by professionals, which is effectively making climate change approachable and understandable to people who may find the scientific explanation confusing. The author does not come across as preachy in ways that scientists can be on occasion. He enters the topic with a purely curious and open mind state, which is something everyone should be able to appreciate. It is important to understand that climate change is not something we can ignore or forget about, and Squarzoni takes an extremely complicated idea that takes shape in numerous ways and shows us how it can and will effect us on a personal level. We do not know exactly in which ways as no one can predict the effects of the climate, but he shows us how climate change will become a part of everyday life. We are all a part of this issue, and when one begins to see real, tangible ways that it impacts our day-to-day lives, climate change becomes less of a thing to shrug off and more of a threat to our species’ existence. Even if you do not like his story or approach you still have to appreciate how effective he is at getting his point across

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