The Balancing Act: Reconstruct to Deconstruct

Philippe Squarzoni’s pictorial, analytic, and informative narrative “Climate Changed” inspires a good attempt to simplify a very complicated subject. With this in mind, a search for a comprehensive explanation of climate and global warming lead to an article (the below link) posted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that embodies the same spirit as Squarzoni’s novel. Like the book, this article attests that many factors, natural and human, cause changes in Earth’s energy balance including: greenhouse effect, the sun’s energy, and reflectivity. By examining and reconstructing past climate, weather, and atmospheric changes climate scientists can justifiably defend their predicted climate and global warming theories/hypotheses by deconstructing their forecasts for the layman using past occurrences as permissible evidence. This article offers a series of beautifully designed artist pictures and graphs, as does “Climate Changed”; that help to exemplify the complicated climatological jargon.

Causes of Climate Change

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