Final Audit

To be completely honest, I’ve never really enjoyed having to write blogs unless it was something I was really interested in.  I think it always becomes more of a “busy work” assignment as opposed to an actual learning experience.  In terms of the books we covered, there were some I found interesting and some I didn’t like at all.  I’m sure this was how it was with everyone.  At times, due to the fact I wasn’t really interested in some of the books, I found myself simply doing the assignment because I had to and not to try and learn anything.  I feel that this affected how I wrote my blog responses.  What I mean by that, is that I simply reviewed the books and readings instead of taking a firm stance on the subjects because I wasn’t as interested in them.

Again, I think I only really paid attention to other blog posts when it was something that appealed to me or awakened my imagination.  However, when I did review blog posts I felt I paid the most attention to the writers from class who were the most thorough in their posts.  This also included individuals who engaged a lot in class and had strong arguments.

All in all, looking back at it, although I don’t personally like blogging, I did learn a decent amount about myself and my own writing style that will help me in the future not only for class but in the real world.  In a way, I was able to open up personally in terms of supporting my beliefs and arguments surrounding the topics I was interested in.  So that was one of the better aspects to blogging for class.

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