I’ve taken a plethora of English classes over the course of my college career, but definitely none quite like this one. I honestly had no idea what to expect once I registered for this class, other than the fact that we would be doing a great deal of reading, but I can genuinely say I was not expecting it to be focused on climate change and apocalypse scenarios. With that being said, I definitely enjoy the topics read and discussed for the most part. At times the amount of science incorporated with these issues can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing, but other than that I find the readings and class discussions that follow to be informative and entertaining. I took a sustainable environment course last year and I feel that the class itself generally sparked my interest in the topic of climate change, so when I heard that this class would be specifically reading into that it definitely got my attention.

As for the blogging aspect of the class, this is something I’ve never done for a course. I believe at times it can be a little intimidating, but overall I find it to be very helpful for sorting out my own opinions and feelings towards each book along with seeing if someone else in the class agrees or disagrees with me. I find blogging about the required texts and books is something that has deemed itself very effective for this class. It is a way for the students who don’t necessarily feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions in class to do so via blog entry. I feel that it is also able to successfully engage every student equally. Even though I read all of my peer’s posts every week, I find myself forgetting to comment, so that is something I need to work on.

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