Three News Articles: Droughts, Plastic Soups, and Geoengineering

Yesterday I read three short articles about climate change, all from the same site (IFL Science), that I thought nicely capture the state of thinking about climate change at the current moment.


  1. Mega-Droughts Will Severely Threaten Western U.S. By 2100 – California is already suffering a horrifically long drought, and it looks like this will keep happening, and keep getting worse, in our lifetime
  2. Eight Million Tonnes Of Plastic Are Going Into The Ocean Each Year – the really frightening aspect of this article is that we’re only getting started with this: “With our planet still 85 years away from “peak waste” — and with plastic production skyrocketing around the world — the amount of plastic waste getting into the oceans is likely to increase by an order of magnitude within the next decade”
  3. Geoengineering Might Work In A Rational World … Sadly We Don’t Live In One – this post is most immediately relevant to this week’s reading, The Collapse of Western Civilization, for it concerns efforts to “geoengineer” the planet to counter-act climate change. You’ll recall that this is a major factor of the “collapse” Orekes and Conway forecast in their book.


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