Climate Change: The Musical?!

Everything about this article sounds like it was ripped straight from The Onion. But sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction. The NSF used taxpayer money to fund a musical on the concept of climate change. Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea! Whether the musical was any good or not, I certainly cannot be the judge. However, the poor box office revenue could indicate a few things. Maybe the musical just plain sucked; I mean, that’s a fair reason for it to fail. On the other hand, maybe America still isn’t ready for cli-fi to hit Broadway or the mainstream at all yet. The comments on the article, including some genius comparing those who actually believe in climate change to a RELIGION, don’t exactly give me much faith in humanity. And could anyone really be surprised that the “Texas Republican” called this a waste of money?? Personally, if $2 of my taxes are used to fund some way of bringing climate change into the spotlight in an entertaining way, I have no problem with it! I’d certainly rather see my money support this instead of say The War in Iraq. While this musical may have utterly been a failure, I am very interested to see cli-fi brought into theater or the music industry. Here’s hoping that some weird prog metal band comes out with a cli-fi concept album!

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